When we first adopted our Rottweiler Mix puppy Zane, he was an absolute sweetheart. He was well-behaved, calm, and an absolute angel on walks. A couple of months after adopting him, seemingly out of nowhere he began a behavior of jumping up and biting us HARD whenever we took him outside. He would get a look in his eye, jump up, and attack whatever body part he could reach. He wouldn’t stop biting us until we finally got home, leading me to have to literally drag him for blocks by whatever body part of mine he was latched onto. I had to wear Kevlar sleeves along with just about every article of winter gear I owned as padding against his bites. Despite this, I still had severe bruising all along my arms, legs, and torso from his incessant biting, and even once had to walk home 10 blocks with him latched onto my arm & bleeding down my face after Zane had managed to get to my face with one of his bites. It became abundantly clear that this behavior could not continue, which is when we turned to Laura for help.

Right off the bat, Laura commanded Zane’s attention in a way we had never thought possible. Zane was absolutely in love with Laura and was always so excited to train with her. After taking him out on walks together, Laura told me that Zane was likely biting me as a result of “re-directed frustration aggression”, due to his lack of physical and mental stimulation outside my small basement apartment. Throughout our sessions, Laura not only taught Zane the obedience and attention skills that I never thought he would learn, but she also taught me the skills that I needed to know for how to set Zane up for success on walks. She put her utmost dedication into our sessions, and even took us out on a field trip to get Zane exercise and mental stimulation. My walks with Zane became more and more pleasant as he learned to listen to me and I made sure to use the tools Laura taught me, including how to look out for, avoid, and distract from any triggers. Soon enough, the biting stopped entirely — a feat I NEVER thought would be possible. Altogether, not only did Laura give us safety & peace of mind on walks, but she gave us the opportunity to truly develop a bond with our boy Zane, which I will always be grateful for!

– Sofia