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Training and Behavior Modification

Tracking and Lost Pet Searches

“My adopted dog Johnny very aggressive towards some dogs and people. I thought I would have to return him to the shelter.  Instead, I hired Laura….  I could see drastic changes in his behavior.”

–Darreal for Johnny the Pit Bull


“[O]ur Rottweiler Mix puppy Zane … began a behavior of jumping up and biting us HARD whenever we took him outside.   I once had to walk 10 blocks with him latched onto my arm & bleeding down my face…. [W]e turned to Laura for help….  Soon enough, the biting stopped entirely — a feat I NEVER thought would be possible.”

–Sofia for Zane the Rottweiler


“… Although we are very experienced dog people, our dog Max’s reactivity was still a bit too much to handle…. Laura worked with us in a consultation session to formulate strategies to manage Max’s reactivity towards other dogs and humans…. [I]t was a very successful consultation … to make Max’s quality of life as good as it can be.”

–Nancy and Wally for Max the Canaan Mix


“We hired Laura shortly after adopting a second dog when our first dog didn’t take the new younger brother’s arrival very well… The training really bonded our dogs and simplified our lives so we could all enjoy each other.”

–Megan for Melven and Oscar the Pit Bulls


Rocky … started having some serious aggression issues with other people and pets…. We came to Laura and right away we began to see results with Rocky!  She ultimately helped … [Rocky] to be less reactive with others and allow him to accept new comers which was a major win for us!”

–Michael and Michelle for Rocky the German Shepherd Mix


“After [Chuck suffered] years of neglect, Laura’s work with him in the shelter allowed us to take home a very trusting and well mannered dog.”

–Rachel for Chuck the Pit Bull


“Through months of continuous, persistent behavior modification, Laura helped turn our mutually dog-reactive dogs into great friends who played together off-leash nearly every day.”

–Alli for Ruby the Ridgeback/Coonhound Mix


“Laura clearly explained her training approach and how the dog was interpreting what we were doing. Cookie focuses on me, obeys better, loves our training sessions, and we have a closer bond.”

–Tonja for Cookie the Labradoodle

“Laura is knowledgeable, compassionate, and reassuring. Her professionalism with both me and her remarkable dog was outstanding….”

–Cathy for Rico the Siamese Cat


“It was immensely helpful and wonderful that Laura and Leah could come to do the tracking right away to save us from any wasted effort.”

–Martha, Volunteer for the Madeleine (dog) Search


“Laura [and Leah have] exactly what you need from a tracking team…. I cannot thank this team enough….”

–Zita Macinanti, Director of Humane Law Enforcement, Humane Rescue Alliance


“Laura immediately answered my call, took me down a notch, and offered a rational and practical plan. I had a true partner and professional during that frightening day.”

–Becky for Coco


“Laura[’s] expertise and commitment … led us to recovering Pebbles [the pig] much sooner than I anticipated.”

– Bridgette for Pebbles the pig


Laura was “most helpful and supportive when we lost our new rescue pup…. Her … flyers … were the very reason he was eventually found.”

– Nancy for Mouse

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