We have a very loveable American Staffordshire / German Shepherd mix (Rocky) that started having some serious aggression issues with other people and pets. Our Rocky boy came from a shelter and has some anxiety issues that made us realize that we needed to seek professional help in managing how to get him to relax and be less reactive. We came to Laura and right away we began to see results with Rocky! Laura helped us understand what Rocky’s needs were and what triggers he had that made him stressed. Laura was very dedicated and knowledgeable in being able to identify the sources of this anxiety and how to effectively respond. She was excellent in teaching us how to mitigate these stresses which ultimately helped Rocky (and us) calm down and relax. This allowed Rocky to be less reactive with others and allow him to accept new comers which was a major win for us! We are very happy that we came to Laura and we appreciate all that she had done to help us!

– Michelle and Michael