Laura worked with us in a consultation session to formulate strategies to manage our dog Max’s reactivity towards other dogs and humans. Max has had an unfortunate history of two ill-informed adopters and a serious injury over a period of several months and has developed a very serious case of fear-based reactive behavior. Although we are very experienced dog people he was still a bit too much to handle. Laura was very patient with Max and his brother, Moe, whom we had also adopted a year earlier, and over the course of three hours Laura identified a list of triggers, and suggestions as to how to avoid them.  She also provided suggestions on how to foster his confidence and lessen his fears. We also appreciate her offer to help us problem-solve on the phone when things get stressful.  Overall, it was a very successful consultation and gave us many things to work on and think about, to make Max’s quality of life as good as it can be.