Humane Rescue Alliance

“My job puts me in situations where I need to help people find their missing pet. This is not something you can plan ahead for (when it’s going to happen) and you cannot waste time once it has happened. I have called on Laura and Leah many times to help in these situations and both are always willing to help when asked. Leah is an amazing dog and the bond between her and Laura is something to be seen. Leah knows what Laura is asking her to do and she is more than willing and able to do it! They are like an old married couple and feed off of each other’s emotions. Laura knows what Leah is capable of and Leah knows why she is being asked to do the task at hand. That is exactly what you need from a tracking team: a willingness to work and an indestructible bond. I cannot thank this team enough for all the invaluable hours of hard work and suggestions they have provided to me and those I am trying to help.”

–Zita Macinanti, Director of Law Enforcement, Humane Rescue Alliance (formerly the Washington Humane Society)