You never expect to lose your cat. Coco was gone in a nano-second after sticking her head through a plastic bag handle – running so fast and disappearing.  I searched and searched for her, but there was no sign of her after many hours. I thought the worst. Laura immediately answered my call, took me down a notch and offered a rational and practical plan. She created and sent signs for me to post and give out to neighbors, and even “Lost Cat” business cards for Coco.  We planned a track for the next morning, but fortunately we ended up not needing it.  After many hours, Coco appeared in my yard.  She was frightened of me and kept her distance, but clearly was fine. Just as Laura predicted, she had gotten the bag off her neck somehow. I recommend Laura. I’m lucky she never had to track Coco, but I had a true partner and professional during that frightening day.