Laura Colleton of Helping Hounds LLC has been training dogs since 2009 and has been certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers since 2014.

Helping Hounds LLC espouses the philosophy of Positive Training.  This means that we use positive, i.e., force-free means such as food, toys, praise, and other rewards valuable to the dog in order to motivate behavior. This method is based on the (scientifically supported) idea that dogs, like humans, respond better to positive feedback than negative “correction”.  Positive training emphasizes humane, force-free methods as opposed to the physical punishment, pain, intimidation, or fear.  Applying this principle of positive training means we do not hit or yell at the dog, use tools like choke, prong, or electronic shock collars, or use any other aversive techniques to influence his behavior unless absolutely necessary.  Accordingly, positive training opposes any dominance theory that insists on “showing the dog who’s boss” or “putting the dog in her place.”  Instead, it builds a cooperative, trusting, and, as the name suggests, positive relationship between the dog and the human.

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